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“If you do more than fillings and crowns, then you should be A Medical Billing Dentist!”



Real life successes of a Medical Billing Dentist

Learning the systematic approach that gets you paid


How is Billing Medical Insurance Different?

Dentists have been trained to look at a problem and determine what needs to be done to fix it.

A Medical Billing Dentist understands through a systematic approach, learned through a CE course, the system and pillars necessary to successfully bill medical insurance and get paid for procedures they routinely perform on their patients.

What You Can Expect From Billing Medically

Creating a Dramatic Financial Impact

Patients become Raving fans

$20k – $25k Medical Billing for All-On-4

Doctors will be more profitable

Increase in treatment acceptance

Offices can see fewer patients

The Personal Impact of Medical Billing

Hitting the wall as a dentist and reinvigorating your practice.

Attend the Next Medical Billing Dentist CE Course

medical billing course

Dr. Nathan J.

“I spent so much time and money attending CE courses and walked away frustrated. After attending your CE course, I had the bills and letters necessary to address the Medical Insurance Companies’ concerns.”


Dr. Benjamin B.

“Billing Medical Insurance is tricky, but Questdent’s Medical Billing Software has taken the headache out of figuring out what supporting information the medical insurance companies require and has given us the opportunity to treat our patients the way they deserve to be taken care of.”

Dr. Jon C.

“We love medical billing. It enables patients to make decisions based on what is best for their health, not what is simply affordable. We are able to do procedures that make a difference in people’s lives.

The Medical Billing Dentist team is professional and organized. They provide the support that we need to be able to process claims in an efficient, and timely manner. They go to bat for you with the insurance company to make sure that your patients receive the full benefits of their medical insurance policies. Their support has allowed our doctors to be compensated fairly for their surgical procedures.

Our practice has grown and our patients are happier because of medical billing.”

Dr. Steve M.

“There has been nothing as impactful in Dentistry since x-rays.

It allows and encourages dentists, staff, and patients to think, treat and heal as Doctors and not mere tooth technicians.

In or out of healthcare, as a business, I can’t name an experience that has as many upsides. It is a win-win-win-win-win; Radical restorative rehab cases are now affordable to patients.

A dentist that treats emergent trauma and provides profound relief is now paid like his ER colleagues. Sleep dentistry treatments that bring restful sleep at a fraction of the hassle and cost of CPAPs is now a covered treatment.

Routine procedures like extractions can now be treated with bone grafting and implants every time. Expensive technology like CBCT and APRF is now affordable to patients and the practice.

Dentists are now empowered to treat and be reimbursed as doctors. Patients are able to enjoy the best healthcare that technology currently allows and afford it by using the benefits they have already paid for.

Patients appreciate that the best care is now affordable. Staff love coming to work and helping lives to be changed. For me personally it made me feel my dental school tuition was actually worth it, and that our care provided is comprehensive, cutting-edge, & the best available. Most of all, the time away from my family truly honors God.”

Dr Judson M.

“Medical billing has allowed my practice to grow by offering treatment options that would have been impossible for the patients to afford without their medical insurance helping out. Those treatments can be life changing for my patients.”

Dr Ben H.

“We have made previous futile attempts to bill medical. All were met with frustration and no results. Within 3 months of using Questdent, we were confidently billing and receiving payment from medical insurance.

We are able to do more comprehensive treatment utilizing implants and other surgical procedures that are better for the patients because their medical insurance is paying for the majority of the procedures. The dentistry is more rewarding and it has dramatically increased our revenues. We couldn’t be happier!!”

Most medical billing training for Dentists is focused on Sleep Apnea 

A Medical Billing Dentist Successfully Bills For:




Oral Cancer Screenings


X Rays


Bone Grafting


Implants (bone stabilizers)




Sinus Lifts






Gingival Grafting




Sleep Apnea


Incision and Drainage




Excision Lesions or Cysts


Foreign Body Removal




Removal of Bone Stabilizers


Tori Removal




Surgical Guide / Surgical Splints


Practice dentistry the way you really want to practice.


Be able to afford the technology you’ve always wanted to have in your practice.


Change your patient’s life and your life style


See what its like to have patients readily accept large treatment plans without hesitation.


Being a Medical Billing Dentist allows you to find joy in dentistry again.

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