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The Medical Billing Dentist


Since 2015 We have been working with dentists to help them achieve superior Dental Care with the medical insurance patients have.


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Our Vision

Everyone knows that Dental insurance is supplemental insurance. Those who implement medical billing now are going to be at the forefront of the industry.

A Singular Principle

Take Complex Operations And Make Them Simpler.

Our Mission

To give Doctors the ability to provide superior treatment patients didn’t think they could afford and making those Doctors more profitable for doing so.


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Taking The Confusion Out Of Billing


Questdent is the only software on the market that is able to collect health histories, organize documentation for head and neck exams and clinical diagnostics. Questdent successfully translates traditional dental language into medical language for the purpose of billing as a successful Medical Billing Dentist.

Questdent successfully tracks claims, EOB’s, accounting for medical claims and auto-generates all necessary documentation.

This includes surgical records, radiological reports, letters of medical necessity and a myriad of documents necessary to combat medical insurance carriers. This information builds the case for the legal right to bill medical insurance for the medical procedures being routinely performed in the dental offices.


Friday, April 10, 7:30am – 5:00pm

Colcord Hotel
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

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