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Why Attend the Medical Billing Dentist CE Course

( Real-Life Success of a Medical Billing Dentist )

Creating Better Options

Billing medical insurance is one of the things that really can help our patients.

Oftentimes they’ve been paying into their medical insurance and their employer has been paying into their medical insurance for procedures that we do, that we’ve been trained to be experts in.

I’m here to basically get those procedures done for those patients who otherwise cannot afford to do the treatment that we do.

How Do You See this Impacting Your Practice?

So I see it as an opportunity to really provide what patients actually need and not necessarily what their insurance will cover.

We’re always faced with that dilemma, and just always wanted to do more of the procedures is that we want to do as opposed to what the dental insurance will cover and saw it as a possibly an opportunity to bridge that gap.

Why Come to the Conference?

Okay, the conference was absolutely wonderful. I learned a lot about the medical billing.

My 30 plus years of dental experience, I’ve always been told to stay away from medical because it’s so complex. So, this course made it wonderful, and I’m able to now understand what billing I need to do.

All of the different insurance companies, it’s surprising that the top five, the list that you’ve given to me, I know which ones that I need to be looking for.

I know how I can help my patients out with these benefits. And knowing that there’s so much other options out there for my patients, other than just dental insurance.

Come and listen, and be open-minded, and know that you’re going to be given so much more information, that you can increase your office income.


There Were a Lot of Aha Moments.

I think it was the case that he had presented today. We do a lot of those procedures in our office.

We treatment plan a lot of those procedures and the patient just cannot afford it because the price of an all-on-4 case is so expensive.

So, now as a result of this course, we will be able to offer that to the patient by taking their medical insurance.

that was probably the biggest aha moment.

How Do You See this Impacting Your Practice?

With the course, I expected to get some sense of what the rodeo is like of medical billing and how you actually can implement that in the office, what it takes to implement it.

Those expectations were met and surpassed. I’m also excited about it, and that’s something that’s important for me to take away from the CE courses.

Surprising Insurance Information...

The entire conference was very informative to me. I’m kind of a medical nerd. And so, this kind of turned everything …

It really turned into something that I really liked and delved into.

But it is very interesting. And I really never knew that you could do so much with your mouth through your medical insurance, which is very beneficial to the patient.

Why Did You Come to the Confrence?

So we came to the conference so that we could just get a good introduction to medical billing and to find out how to possibly increase our bottom line.

We also wanted to learn the ins and outs of medical coding, and how exactly to put all of the different moving parts together in a way that seemed like it would go into our workflow of our practice.

What would you say was the one of the aha moments that you got as you were here?

I think just seeing an actual case from beginning to end. So you can see here’s from the patient walking in the door, filling out their medical history, all the way through to seeing a completed claim, and EOB payment.

So it just was able to see… instead of just talking about all the different parts, you could see it from the beginning to the end.

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medical billing course

Dr. Nathan J.

“I spent so much time and money attending CE courses and walked away frustrated. After attending your CE course, I had the bills and letters necessary to address the Medical Insurance Companies’ concerns.”


Dr. Benjamin B.

“Billing Medical Insurance is tricky, but Questdent’s Medical Billing Software has taken the headache out of figuring out what supporting information the medical insurance companies require and has given us the opportunity to treat our patients the way they deserve to be taken care of.”

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