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How Has Medical Billing Impacted Your Dental Practice ?

( Real-Life Success of a Medical Billing Dentist )

How Has Medical Billing Impacted Your Practice?

One of the greatest things that the medical billing does is it provides the ability for patients to get the top level of dental care possible because medical insurances can reimburse better than just dental insurance, and they are out of pocket alone.

As many of us are aware, patient’s checkbooks are typically not enough to cover a $40,000 or $50,000 or even $80,000 procedure.

Something that we would love to provide to them, but the cost is just so inhibitive for them to be able to receive what they need. And an amazing story, one day we were going in to work on a patient’s bridge on the upper left side, and as we went in there and took off the old bridge and started to clean up the decay on the two abutment teeth, it was clear that there was not going to be enough tooth structure left to leave those teeth in place.


Because she had good medical insurance and insurance that we knew how to bill for, we were able to bill to them in a way that allowed us to get her two implants and an implant-retained bridge, and really quite cheaply.

All she had to pay was a $700 deductible.

You can imagine what that cost would have been otherwise. Taking two teeth out, placing bone graphs, two bone stabilizers, dental implants, and an implant-retained bridge. That’s an expensive procedure, but because we could bill to her medical insurance, we were able to get her all of that for her deductible of $700.

Believe it or not, as we worked on this patient for the next few months, we actually found the same thing happen in all four quadrants of her mouth. Add that up really quickly. Trust me, $700 deductible was very affordable for her.


She was able to get top-notch dental care.

We did something we enjoyed, which was restoring those in a way and giving her a longterm prosthetic so that she could really use it for the rest of her life. It’s brought them a lot of joy. It’s helped us find joy in giving them a high level of care that before was really unattainable.

How Has Medical Billing Impacted Your Practice

When we can open up and really kind of see what they need, and what we could do, medical is what actually kind of jumped in and help us do that.

And when we did that, we found we’re spending more time with our patients giving better care, and giving them better work.

And better yet, the time that’s spent in there actually has been more profitable for us.

How Has Medical Billing Impacted Your Practice

We do medical billing for implants, bone grafts.

We do medical billing for full mouth cases…

or we take somebody from a disease state where their teeth are not healthy, and we remove all the teeth and replace them all, all at once and do a case with implants and bone grafting and give them a completely new smile.

And we’re able to do that with medical billing.

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Dr. Nathan J.

“I spent so much time and money attending CE courses and walked away frustrated. After attending your CE course, I had the bills and letters necessary to address the Medical Insurance Companies’ concerns.”


Dr. Benjamin B.

“Billing Medical Insurance is tricky, but Questdent’s Medical Billing Software has taken the headache out of figuring out what supporting information the medical insurance companies require and has given us the opportunity to treat our patients the way they deserve to be taken care of.”

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