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What Procedures Are You Successfully Medically Billing?

( Real-Life Success of a Medical Billing Dentist )

Dr Wes Guenther

Obviously, the most effective and probably the most profitable procedure that we do is going to be the bone graft procedure, so extracting a tooth.

We do a lot of autografts, so we’ll take the tooth itself and we’ll grind it up and process it and then put it back in the body in the form of a bone graft.

Those are being reimbursed at a really great rate and with good consistency.


Implants, single implants, a lot of times the abutment and crown will also be covered with the insurance.

If we’re doing something like a full arch restoration, an All-on-4, the implants, the bone graft thing, the prosthesis themselves will also be covered.

More along the lines of surgery, sinus augmentations, ridge augmentations, tori removal, frenectomies.

The list goes on and on. Anything that is in that surgical realm is being paid for and consistently.

There are certain insurance companies that we know that every time we do an extraction with a bone graft, within a certain period of time, we’ll get paid on that consistently.

Dr Joseph Apple

The main ones in particular that we do are on bone grafting.

We’re able to help restore the jaw bone, so if we need to place an implant, that bone level was at that height, so that’s good for implants.

We’re also able to bill out surgical stents and also occlusal guards, something that helps with the TMJ.

Dr. Mike A.

We do medical billing for implants, bone grafts.

We do medical billing for full mouth cases where we take somebody from a diseased state where their teeth are not healthy and we remove all the teeth and replace them all, all at once and do a case with implants and bone grafting and give them a completely new smile.

We’re able to do that with medical billing.

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Dr. Nathan J.

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Dr. Benjamin B.

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